About us

Paynaz Company is a general trading company in cosmetics and patient transportation LTD. The company established in 2011. Paynaz company employs young and experienced employees in the field. Our company has a variety of high quality products. Our priority is to maintain and provide our customers the finest and the best products and services in general trading, cosmetics and transportation.

Company activities
The company has two main lines one of them is cosmetics and the other one is general trading;-

  • Our cosmetic line includes the following brands;
  1. Paynaz Pandora Premium Hair Color: This product is produced by (Oyster Cosmetics – Italy) and it has 33 color and comes in two series (Kit Hair Color & Tube Hair Color)
  2. Paynaz Pandora Premium Body Spray: This product can be customized based on customer desires. Moreover, the product is produced by Seluz Fragrance Company.
  3. Paynaz Pandora Premium Perfumes (Fragrances): This product is produced by Seluz Fragrance Company.
  4. Paynaz Pandora Pemium Shampoo. This product is produced by Inebrya Company – Italy.

Furthermore, we are also dealer for other cosmetic brands such as: Isabella (Make-up from A-Z), Neva Color (Hair Color and Hair Care), Subrina (Hair Color and Hair Care), DrCleaner (Cleaning Products), Jusy Baby (Diaper).
  • General trading: We are the distributors for the following brands and materials in Iraq
  1. Car trading (Jeep, Dodge, Crysler)
  2. Exrate Lubricants and Mir Oil Lubricants
  3. Gunga Lunga (lollipop, Chewing Gum )
  4. Evropa (Wafers, Biscuits and Chocolates)
  5. Taurus PVC Profile (Doors and window System)

Biodegradable Project

Generally speaking, our project aims to bring eco-friendly products in order to save the environment, make our world greener and save the next generation from pollution.
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Our Technical activities in Iraq

  • We provide clients with:
    • Lower base operating costs
    • Maximum customer value
    • A loan of 30 days period
    • Promotion based on the choice of the items
    • Special discount based on the orders
  • We deliver items through:
    • Based on the customer’s request we deliver items to the required location through our specialized vehicles.
    • We go above and beyond for our clients; we treat them like they are a part of our family.


  • We have partnership with major firms in Iraq and other countries, for instance;-
  1. Romoy Company
  2. Ferdaws Company
  3. Peshawa Company
  4. Aroz Air Company
  5. Hawre Hassan Company
  6. Arsh Company